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The Shocking Truth About The Betsy Ross Flag

By Screaming Freedom Apparel January 12, 2021 0 comments

When Nike introduced a shoe, the Air Max 1, with the Betsy Ross flag, nobody expected controversy. Colin Kaepernick, who works for Nike, turned against his own employer and got them to cancel their own product. 

Never mind that Betsy Ross was a Quaker, a religion that opposes slavery and participated in the Underground Railroad to recue slaves. The Anti-Defamation League views it as “…essentially an innocuous historical flag, It's not a thing in the white supremacist movement."

 Yet they claim that this original American flag, approved by George Washington himself, is bad because “extremists” use it.

 “It has been used by some extremist groups as a means of telegraphing a return to more traditionalist (re: predominantly white and male) American ideals. “Under the guise of ‘heritage,’ symbols of early U.S. history have long been adopted by hate groups set on returning to a time when all non-white people were viewed as subhuman and un-American,” says Keegan Hankes, research analyst for the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC). “Historically, these symbols have been used by white supremacists, both to hearken back to a time when black people were enslaved, while also painting themselves as the inheritors of the ‘true’ American tradition.”

By that standard, we’re not allowed to eat a salad because Hitler was a vegetarian, and we must become obese and smoke cigars because Churchill warned us about Hitler.  

A flag can mean many things to many people. To me it represents the good old days, when government was small, when there was no BATFE confiscating guns, when senators were elected by their individual States and not the people, when Americans called themselves Americans instead of “citizens of the world” like Obama did and continues to do.

Betsy Ross is an example of patriotism, of a woman who spent 50 years producing her famous flag, as well as 50 garrison flags for the U.S. Arsenal on the Schuylkill River. But apparently, if you’re white and male, you’re not allowed to wave it

“The flag also caused a stir in Michigan in 2016 after a gaggle of young white men waved the Betsy Ross Flag during a high school football game. The incident led a school district superintendent to issue an apology after some families pointed out their discomfort with the flag and the NCAAP noted the flag's adoption by extremist groups.”

It’s ironic that since 1964, the Philadelphia 76ers have been using the “distinctive ring of 13 5-pointed stars in their team logo, as a reference to Philadelphia as the first United States capital, where the Declaration of Independence was signed and where Betsy Ross worked.”

We can only hope that a gaggle of liberals don’t get them cancelled.

It is a paradox that the flag is demonized when there’s nothing offensive about it.

“The colors of the flag are largely derived from the flag of Britain. The idea of setting stars in a circle or in rows where none was larger or stood in distinction from others was meant to represent a new small-r republican constellation in which a single monarch or sun king would no longer dominate. “ 

Everyone should embrace the Betsy Ross flag. It’s who we are, where we came from. Great societies thrive when they remember their history. In this era of people getting cancelled, social media censorship, and a Marxist media that accuses anyone who disagrees with the government of sedition, it is important to display our values in public.